Why do doctors sign caps?


Once an anesthesiologist from Australia implemented a simple idea that improved communication between doctors during operations.

Rob Hackett simply wrote his name and position on a medical cap.

Rob's colleagues didn't take the venture seriously until they tried and signed their hats. To my surprise, teamwork went more smoothly and quickly.
The thing is that doctors usually see only each other's eyes behind masks, and sometimes they cannot remember the names of their colleagues at all, and during operations, emergency cases often occur when seconds count.

Now, under the hashtag #TheatreCapChallenge, you can find thousands of photos of doctors in caps with their name and position written on them.

In some hospitals, doctors themselves make the inscription with a marker, and somewhere the management orders medical caps with the names of their doctors already printed on them!

People in White offer to join the world trends!
A large selection of medical caps where your names can be: https://lvb.ua/groups/view_list/medychni-shapochky


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