Medicine is a family business!


In childhood, almost everyone likes to play doctor. And even more so the children of doctors. For many, such games eventually turn into a lifelong business. Therefore, we decided to fulfill the childhood dream of many doctors and created a real children's collection of medical clothes!

Probably, every mother has noticed how her daughter tries to imitate her, tries on her mother's clothes. It is very important for children to feel their involvement in adult life, they want to be like their parents. Our new collection will give you such a magical opportunity.

Now you can create the same image with your child. The collection includes reduced copies of adult robes - women's model MH 0628 and men's model MH 0710. In the reduced costumes of parents, children look extremely touching and tender!

By choosing such a family-look, you can create a charming family tradition - take photos in the same costumes every year.

Join us with the whole family, buy clothes from the new collection, because medicine is a family business!:)

Get acquainted with the children's collection:

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