Costumes for pediatricians: 6 ideas for a perfect look


This is how it happened in our society that naughty children are scared by a grandmother, a gray wolf and a doctor in a white coat. Some mothers promise that if the child does not wear a hat / eats porridge / does not fulfill another requirement, then a terrible doctor will come to her, make an injection and it will hurt!

And it is hard to imagine what a doctor should do after that to establish contact with a small patient. In general, a doctor who works with children is a universal soldier. He has to be a doctor, a psychologist for worried parents and an animator for small patients at the same time.

The main secret of the success of a pediatric doctor is in the right image. If the doctor looks confident, neat and harmonious, he wants to believe, open up and obediently fulfill all appointments.

For our part, we will be happy to tell you what suit is needed for a pediatrician in order to look 100% and win the hearts of young patients from the first seconds.


How to choose clothes for a pediatrician


When going to buy a medical suit for a children's doctor, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • material;
  • fashion;
  • color.

The fabric for the suit should be pleasant to the body and durable. The best option is a suit made of 100% cotton or mixed fabrics, which include polyester and cotton.

Clothes with a large content of cotton are pleasant to wear at any time of the year - they breathe and allow air to pass through well. Polyester in the fabric is responsible for wear resistance - it is needed so that the fabric does not wrinkle and maintains a neat appearance for a long time. This is very important with frequent washing, and pediatricians have to wash their work clothes very often.

It is important that the fabric fibers are soft, as not only the doctor's body will be in contact with them, but also the baby's delicate skin.

The style should be as simple and comfortable as possible - like your favorite home pajamas. Since there is no elastane in medical clothes, it is better to choose a looser suit - so that its parameters (chest, waist and hips) are larger than the body parameters by 4-6 centimeters. Then you will be able to actively move, raise your hands and nothing will press or interfere.

It is very convenient if the pediatrician's suit has pockets - you need them to keep various small things such as pens, notebooks, and toys at hand.

The color of the pediatrician's clothes is not white, please! It is precisely with the white coat that the most terrifying horror stories of parents are connected. Clothes of bright, cheerful shades go well with the image of a good children's doctor. It can be a plain suit or clothes made of fabric with children's drawings. If you choose a surgical suit with a print, it is desirable that it is not an abstraction, but something concrete - so that the child can explore the picture, fantasize about the life history of the characters depicted on the suit.

A pediatrician's outfit usually consists of plain medical trousers with elastic and a printed top - a medical polo, a zip-up jacket or a short-sleeved blouse. If you wish, you can diversify the suit with a hat, the color of which is in harmony with the top and trousers.


Women's medical suits for a pediatrician


A cheerful and comfortable suit is the key to the success of a pediatrician. In the assortment of "People in White" there are many options of plain suits, but separately I would like to discuss clothes with funny drawings.




These are suits that consist of a feminine top with a stand-up collar and a figure-hugging neckline. A nice detail – the blouses are made of weightless calico, pure cotton. This means that they are natural, pleasant to the body and very practical.

The main thing is not to wash cotton clothes in hot water. Natural fibers can shrink under the influence of high temperature and clothes will shrink by 2-3 sizes.

There are two versions of costumes available - with cats and multi-colored baby elephants. By the way, you can buy a cap for the set of funny cats.

You can buy only a blouse or add trousers to the set. Plain medical trousers - white, gray or light green - will go well with a printed top. For example, the MB-1022 model with a wide elastic band and roomy pockets.




These blousons have been a bestseller for several years in a row. One of the possible reasons for such popularity is the zippers that decorate the neckline and pockets. Thanks to the zipper, the top is easy to put on or take off, hair and makeup are not at risk. There is an elastic band on the back, thanks to which the top of the surgical suit fits perfectly.

The material of the blouse is 100% cotton. It is hypoallergenic, breathable and pleasant to the body.
In the set, you can choose dark gray or black elasticated trousers - you will get a practical and original suit.


Men's suits for a pediatrician


The cutest and most adorable costumes for pediatricians are for some reason male. For example, a suit with bright baby elephants - how can you be afraid of such a doctor?




The top of the suit is a white surgical blouse with an "Elephant" print. It has a free cut, is easy to put on and does not hinder movement. There are pockets on the chest and at waist level, in which you can put everything you need.

The fabric is "Byaz", 100% cotton. It is equally comfortable to work in at any time of the year.
MB-8512 trousers with pockets and a wide elastic band can be added to the set. A variegated top will be well combined with a plain bottom in gray, white or blue.




We call this print "Gentleman", but in reality it is invisible people who have settled on the blouson and are watching the little patients with interest. Just such a story can be told at the baby's reception in order to find a common language.

And if you add a hat made of the same fabric to the set, the way to the baby's heart will be opened from the first minutes of acquaintance.

The surgical jacket can be purchased separately or combined with white or black elasticated trousers.


Couple surgical suits


If you need the entire staff of the children's clinic to be dressed according to the same standard, you can choose paired surgical suits. Matching suits are a great idea to create a family look with your significant other.


A costume with Mickey Mouse


Light gray suit with silhouettes of your favorite cartoon character. The picture looks gentle and unobtrusive - an ideal option for a corporate uniform. You can choose trousers of any color for the set - white, gray, dark blue or blue.

Women's and men's surgical jackets can be purchased separately:
women's top with a zipper MK-06214 ;
straight cut men's top MK-06101 .


Suit with kittens


Blazers are worn over the head, women's jackets are additionally decorated with blue buttons. A practical and convenient option. You can choose trousers of any shade for the set - white, gray, dark blue or blue.

Any item from the set can be purchased separately:

women's blouse MK-2182;

men's blouse MK-06101.

If the dress code does not allow wearing a suit with a funny pattern to work, you can dilute the outfit with a hat with a fun print, an unusual sticker or brooch.
For example, the "Men in White" range includes hats with funny Native American owls, fantastic animals, and puppies.

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