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One of the main tasks of a pediatrician is to establish contact with the little one the patient, to provide him with comfort and a sense of security. The level of qualification, skills and knowledge of a specialist, recommendations and the number of letters on the wall are not important to a child. Babies perceive the world around them with their eyes.

Quite often, pediatricians are faced with children's whims, cries and even tantrums. It is not uncommon for parents themselves to scare children with "evil uncle doctors" and "painful injections." After such stories, how to appear as good magicians in the eyes of a child?

It is very important to be able to communicate with the child, to be able to interest him, to find an approach. And the right choice of medical clothing will help you in this. The white strict gowns, which often frighten children, are a thing of the past. They were replaced a long time ago by colorful costumes with children's prints, which will help to please a capricious patient.

What should you focus on when choosing a suit for a pediatrician?

Correct choice of color

When choosing a suit for a pediatrician, focus on bright and colorful colors. A bright palette of colors evokes positive emotions in the child, while dark colors will be ignored, and in specific cases can cause anxiety, tears and even frighten the baby.

You should not buy a product in plain white color. The color white is not interesting to the child and may cause unpleasant associations with past visits to the hospital and medical procedures.

From the entire palette of colors, orange, bright yellow, sky blue, red, pink, turquoise, light green colors are perfect. The doctor's clothes of these colors will cause positive emotions and joy in the child. Children like light purple tones. Using them in clothes, you can evoke pleasant associations with summer and floral aromas.

Suits with a children's pattern

Today, there is a huge selection of not only colorful suits, but also suits with various prints. You can choose a pattern for any taste: short-sleeved blouses with the image of cartoon and fairy-tale characters, pets, wild animals, birds and even tasty treats.

The drawing should have many different details, which should be clear, colorful and bright. Children like to study small details, fantasize about the plot line.

The image of a good doctor

Choosing a suit for a pediatrician, you can create a complete image that will be interesting to the baby.

The color of the trousers is selected according to the main tone of the blouse or according to the color of any detail of the pattern or decoration. A cap of the appropriate color or pattern will perfectly complement your image.

Decor on clothes (colored buttons, zippers, embroidery, colored ribbon, etc.) not only adds zest, but also helps to switch the child's attention.

What properties should a uniform for a pediatrician have:

1. Wear resistance and easy care. Products should be made of high-quality fabric, withstand a large number of washes, while maintaining color and shape, easy to iron. Products made of mixed fabrics are perfect. A large percentage of polyester in the composition will ensure durability and easy ironing.

2. Practicality. Working with children requires a lot of movement. The suit should be correctly selected in terms of size and should not restrict movement or squeeze parts of the body.

3. Fabric texture. The fabric of the suit should be soft and pleasant to the touch. This is an important criterion not only for the doctor himself, but primarily for the baby.

4. Size and number of pockets. A pocket is a necessary element of clothing for a pediatrician. Most often, the doctor needs to carry a notebook, pen, phone and other small things with him. At any time, the pediatrician may need a small toy to distract the child from unpleasant procedures.

Our assortment includes a wide selection of bright suits with decorated elements, saturated colors and interesting prints.

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