Women's medical suit MK 06217 from the new collection


Women's medical suit MK 06217, an original model that resembles a kimono in style.

The blouson of the medical suit has no buttons at all, is sewn from the front and side and is fixed by tying two straps - inner and outer. The smell of the blouson is arranged in such a way that it allows you to adjust the tightness of the fit on the figure, from the most comfortable, spacious, free - to the fit that sits completely tightly on the figure. The upper cut of the blouson effectively emphasizes the neckline.

The design of the blouson has 2 large capacious patch pockets at the bottom. And one more - a small inset pocket, located on the right side of the chest. It is decorated with a whip and fastens with a button.

The size grid of the medical suit MK 06217 is very wide. This allows you to choose a suit MK 06217 for any figure.

It is possible to combine a medical blouse of one size with white trousers of a different size, thus obtaining a stylish set that fits the figure perfectly.

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