Light green surgical suit 06101 (mint)


The iridescent satin fabric makes this suit stand out from the rest of the Men in White men's surgical suit range.

A suit made of fabric with a satin weave looks expensive and spectacular, due to the smooth, shiny front side of the fabric, which shimmers in the light. At the same time, the softer side of the fabric (wrong side, natural) faces the body, which makes the suit more comfortable and pleasant to the body.

The fabric composition of 65% polyester and 35% cotton ("elegant" fabric) makes the suit practical and allows you to actively use it for its intended purpose, just like a regular surgical suit.

fabric - "Elegant" (65% polyester and 35% cotton), density - 165 g/m;
color - light green (mint);
size grid - from 42 to 56 sizes.

the sleeve is short;
neckline - V-shaped, without a collar;
pockets - two patch pockets located below and one chest pocket on the left side;
the silhouette is straight;
blouson fastener - worn over the head, there is no fastener.

style - classic;
waist line - overstated;
belt - on an elastic band, additionally a string is tucked into the belt;
leg - slightly narrowed to the bottom, a decorative seam runs vertically along the leg (arrow);
no pockets.

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