Collection of medical clothes for pediatricians


Pediatricians practice dozens of ways to quickly and comfortably establish contact with a child. Their techniques work even when the child feels painful sensations and reacts to the surrounding world very sharply, irritated.


To help pediatricians in their difficult and noble mission, the company "People in White" has developed a special series of medical clothing: pediatric suits and caps with a special pattern on the fabric. The color of the fabric is pleasant, neutral tones, with additional printing in the form of cute and funny drawings for children.


The fabric itself is made of 100% cotton, completely natural and has a calico weave. Products made of this fabric allow the body to breathe well, providing a high level of ventilation even during the most intense loads.


The medical blouson with the article number MK 06113 depicts a scene with cute dogs. Little puppies are playing and playing with each other, sitting in a basket. Funny stories on the blouson can calm the child, and the doctor's story about these dogs will be a great communication bridge to the child. And what is most pleasant, these visual plots are always "at hand" when the pediatrician goes to work.


Jackets are made in sizes from 40 to 54. For the medical blouson MK 06113, you can choose pants of a suitable color, approximately in the main tone of the blouson, or based on the colors of the details. Thus, a pediatric suit will be obtained. You can get to know this costume in more detail in the 1st Ukrainian supermarket of medical clothing "Lyudy v Bilyo" (Olena Telighy St., 3) or at the link

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