Calendar of medical holidays 2019


Dear friends!

We would like to share with you a cheat sheet in which popular medical holidays have been collected. So that you always know when to congratulate a colleague or loved one.


And we could not ignore another wonderful holiday. After all, what doctor does not dream of getting a good night's sleep on International Sleep Day? Secretly, our team is not against making this holiday an official day off wink



February 9 - International Dentist Day.



March 1 - World Immunity Day.

March 3 - International Ear and Hearing Health Day.

March 6 - International Dentist's Day.

March 15 (Friday of the second full week of March) - International Sleep Day.

March 27 - Nephrologist's Day.



April 7 - World Health Day.

April 25 - International DNA Day.

April 27 (the last Saturday in April) - International Day of the Veterinary Doctor.



May 5 - World Midwife Day.

May 8 - World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

May 12 - World Nurses Day.

May 17 - Pulmonologist's Day.

May 19 - Family Doctor's Day.

May 20 - World Traumatologist Day.



June 14 - World Blood Donor Day.

June 16 (third Sunday of June) - Day of the doctor.



August 6 - International Day "Doctors of the World for Peace".

August 8 - International Day of Ophthalmology.

August 11 (second Sunday of August) - Day of the veterinary medicine worker in Ukraine.



September 14 (the second Saturday of September) is World First Aid Day.

September 8 - International Physiotherapist Day.

September 9 - Day of cosmetologist and beauty.

September 21 (the third Saturday of September) - Day of the pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine.

September 29 (last Sunday of September) - World Heart Day.

September 29 - Otolaryngologist's Day.



October 1 - Gerontologist Day.

October 2 - Urologist's Day.

October 7 (the first Monday of October) - International Doctor's Day.

October 10 (the second Thursday of October) - World Sight Day.

October 10 - World Mental Health Day.

October 13 (second Sunday of October) - Day of employees of the sanitary and epidemiological service of Ukraine.

October 14 - World Spirometry Day and Lung Health Day.

October 15 - World Handwashing Day.

October 16 - the World Day of Anesthesiologists and Intensivists. Day of the allergist.

October 17 - District Therapist Day.

October 29 - Day of ultrasound diagnostics.



November 8 - Radiologist's Day.

November 11 - Ophthalmologist's Day.

November 14 - World Diabetes Day. Endocrinologist's Day.

November 14 - International Speech Therapist Day.

November 20 - Pediatrician's Day.



December 1 - Neurologist's Day.


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The calendar of medical holidays does not pretend to be complete. We will be happy to replenish it with your help!

You can tell us about holidays and their stories in the comments .

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