How medical clothing has changed over time: from traditional suits to modern designs

Medical clothing is associated with high-quality materials, a variety of additional accessories and thoughtfulness of each element. However, in the past, medical clothing looked very different. The modern professional suit appeared only at the end of the 20th century, and the changes in the doctor's outfit and equipment lasted more than one millennium.

The evolution of the style of medical clothing

The path to the emergence and gradual improvement of medical uniforms was as follows.

Ancient times and the Middle Ages.

From the time of the Roman Empire and until about the 16th century, a doctor was distinguished from representatives of other professions:

  • a special cut of a long dress
  • masked face
  • artificial "nose" in the form of a bird's beak with aromatic substances
  • leather gloves.

In this way, doctors protected themselves from the possible infection of diseases from patients of that period.

The era of reformation.

Medical clothing is divided into two categories.

Doctors with a university education who dealt with internal diseases wore:

  • long cloaks and cloaks
  • jewelry on hands
  • crimson caps.

Most practicing "surgeons" did not have a serious education, they were engaged in tooth extraction, limb amputation, and bloodletting. Of the special elements of clothing, only long aprons were used.

XIX century

Over time, medical clothing received innovations that significantly increased the level of hygiene:

  • gowns used exclusively for procedures
  • specialized robes (from the Arabic "hil-at" - a long dress of honor)
  • the white color of things is an innovation of pediatrician Carl Rauchfuss
  • rubber gloves are the idea of American military surgeon Bloodgut.

20th century

In the last century, the following appeared for the first time:

  • specialized caps
  • gauze masks
  • medical clothes of blue and green shades.

Traditional modern models

The main differences from the models of the past in modern clothes for doctors are:

  • the use of mixed textiles with different ratios of natural and synthetic fabrics depending on needs
  • significant expansion of the wardrobe by introducing such items as T-shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, pants, special orthopedic shoes
  • not only practical, but also fashionable medical clothing
  • use of disposable products - caps, gloves, shoe covers, etc.

The main legislators of medical fashion

The most popular American brands in Ukraine and the world. The leaders in terms of sales volume and geographical distribution are:

  1. "Cherokee".
  2. "Runway".
  3. "Dickies".
  4. "Barco".

Among European manufacturers in Ukraine, the Italian Pirelli&C products are popular.

The influence of high-quality medical clothing on the work of medical personnel

Improving the quality and protective properties of materials, expanding the types of special-purpose clothing made it possible to significantly ease the hard work of doctors.
Modern clothes:

  • provides better protection of personnel
  • increases work efficiency thanks to a well-thought-out cut, composition, color
  • provides an opportunity to buy things that improve the mood of employees and visitors and positively affects the image of institutions as a whole.

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