How medical clothing affects the efficiency and productivity of medical workers

The correct choice of medical clothing and footwear significantly affects the efficiency and productivity of representatives of any profession. This also applies to doctors and medical personnel.

Comfortable wearing of medical clothes

The first mandatory characteristic of professional medical clothing should be a feeling of comfort. This factor can be negatively affected by:

  • incorrectly selected size
  • low-quality cut
  • rubbing the skin
  • poor air permeability
  • moisture absorption by the fabric
  • muscle fatigue, especially in the legs
  • loss of color by things that cannot be restored.

To prevent discomfort, quality models are made of materials:

  • the composition of which is optimal for a specific workplace
  • able to ensure long-term use
  • those that combine protective functions with a comfortable feeling of touch to the skin
  • do not wrinkle, easily tolerate washing, ironing and specific disinfection without loss of operational qualities
  • they look nice
  • keep the color bright for many years.

Materials for shoes

Shoes should be selected according to the level of mobility of medical workers of the relevant specialty. Mandatory requirements are:

  • maximum elasticity of the sole
  • flexibility
  • anti-slip effect
  • ideal orthopedic properties
  • wide rounded front part
  • perforated upper part
  • impermeability of materials for moisture, harmful chemicals, bacteria
  • durability
  • ease of washing and processing.

Selection according to the temperature in the room

Separate additional requirements are imposed on medical clothing and footwear used in rooms with elevated temperature or humidity. These are usually operating rooms, surgical departments, and laboratories.

In such cases:

  1. Clogs, shoes or moccasins are equipped with additional multi-layer inner insoles that effectively absorb moisture.
  2. Medical clothes are chosen with a higher density, with a higher level of protection, the advantage of being made of polyester and viscose.
  3. In the hot season, in the absence of air conditioners, products with a predominance of natural cotton are recommended.
  4. In cold periods, it is recommended to choose complex suits, with a robe over pants, shirts and, if necessary, jackets.

Impact on labor productivity

Quality medical clothing and shoes provide at least three advantages over cheap budget models.

  1. No harm to health. High-quality products provide the maximum possible protection, do not overload the muscles.
  2. Improvement of work efficiency. The feeling of comfort and the absence of fatigue are the keys to increasing the efficiency of a doctor of any specialty.
  3. Financial benefit. Investing in high-quality medical clothing for staff quickly pays off by improving the image of individual employees and the institution as a whole.

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