Gala raffle among Clients of the "People in White" company


Dear Clients of "People in White" company!

Thank you for taking part in the life of the company, helping us understand the wishes and expectations of our customers.

As you know, among the Clients who filled out the "Expanded Questionnaire", every month we hold valuable prize draws. Customers who won such draws receive medical clothing: gowns, suits, accessories and medical shoes.

And now, on the eve of the celebration of the New Year 2015, we have decided to hold an additional drawing of prizes based on the "Expanded questionnaires of People in White".

The following prizes will be drawn at the end of December 2014 among the Clients who filled out questionnaires throughout 2014 and did not become winners of the monthly draws:

- A smartphone with two SIM cards with a large screen and a powerful processor (Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Duos G130E Gray);

- An oil heater capable of warming even in bitter winter

(ERGO HO-0715 oil radiator);

- Gift cards for great Men in White medical apparel.


The results of the draw will become known at the very end of December 2014, and will be published in the news. Including - wait for the video with the corresponding report.

If you have not yet filled out the "Expanded Questionnaire", be sure to do it as soon as possible, during December.
And you will be able to take part in two prize draws at once: both in the regular December draw and in the annual gala draw.

You can get the "expanded questionnaire" from the supermarket staff, fill it out at home, and send it to us by mail.
Each questionnaire is accompanied by an envelope with a return address and a postage stamp.

Follow the company's news on the official website:
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In the groups, you can find out about promotions, sales, company news,
and discuss medical clothing.

Video announcing the December gala raffle:


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