Care that will provide leather shoes with additional years of service


Leather shoes are practical, beautiful and durable, of course, if they are properly cared for. When buying a new pair of medical shoes, we hope that they will delight us with their neat appearance for a long time. How to preserve the original appearance of leather shoes and extend their service life? How to properly care for white leather shoes?

If you follow a few simple rules, your shoes will last much longer:

1. If you want new shoes not to lose their attractive and neat appearance for a long time, treat them with the appropriate type of shoe cream immediately after purchase.

2. If the shoes are dirty, it is advisable to wipe them immediately with a damp soft sponge, if there is no time for this during the working day, it should be done after the end of the work day. Direct contact of leather shoes with water is undesirable, you can wet shoes only in case of extreme necessity.

It is NOT allowed to wash shoes in a washing machine, only hand care.

3. After wet manual cleaning, wipe the shoes with a cotton cloth until completely dry.

4. Next, apply a suitable shoe cream.

5. Polish the shoes to a shine: you can use a special polishing cloth or cotton wool at hand.

To care for white leather shoes, it is necessary to choose a soft velvet napkin for polishing.

You should not use suede brushes when cleaning shoes made of smooth white leather: microcracks may appear, in which dust will later accumulate.

6. Leather shoes must be dried at room temperature.

Drying on batteries, near heating and heating devices, as well as in direct sunlight is NOT allowed.

7. Avoid the interaction of oils, alkalis and other aggressive environments with leather shoes, which can adversely affect the material of the product.

8. For long-term storage, shoes should be packed in a cardboard box or a special bag made of natural material, having previously been cleaned, dried and treated with an appropriate product. It is advisable to use special pads for long-term storage: they will prevent the leather from bending and the product will not lose its shape. Such devices can be replaced with ordinary newspapers.

By following such simple rules, you will be able to extend the service life of the shoes, the appearance of which will please you from day to day!

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