Men's blouson with print SpongeBob MK 06101 from the new collection

Dear friends!

We present to your attention the men's pediatric blouson 06101 from the new collection of medical clothing "People in White".

The blouse made of natural fabric (100% cotton) is decorated with a bright, full-color print with cartoon characters. These are cartoon characters known to children: SpongeBob and his friend, a starfish named Patrick.

Designed and manufactured as a surgical gown, without chest fasteners. It is worn over the head. For this, it has a spacious V-shaped neckline on top and a free cut that does not restrict movement. The blouson has three patch pockets, two on the waist and one on the chest.

The print on the blouson is made in different colors, while it is possible to choose pants in the color of the blouson from the assortment of "Men in White" products. Thus, creating a complete surgical suit. You can complement the surgical suit with a cap with an identical pattern.

The blouse is sewn in sizes from 44 to 52. And hats in sizes 56-61 (according to head circumference).

The pediatric blouson, due to the completely natural fabric and free cut, turned out to be so comfortable that some customers say that it can be used as fun and stylish pajamas. Of course, best of all, it will serve the pediatrician as professional clothing, automatically establishing a preliminary positive contact with the child-patient.

Link to the page with the MK 06101 blouse in the "People in White" online store:

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