A case for storing clothes


Cover for clothing - will protect medical clothing from contamination and damage during transportation and storage.

It is made of special non-woven material "spunbond" and transparent PVC film.
A "window" is made of the film, through which a robe or suit can be seen.
The main advantage of the "spunbond" material is that it allows air to penetrate inside, preventing the fabric from "suffocating".
At the same time, it prevents water from getting inside the cover.

The cover is intended for storage and short-term transportation of various types of clothing, including robes and suits.
It protects clothes well from dust and allows air to pass through, which is especially important during long-term storage of clothes made of natural materials.
Inexpensive covers for medical clothes "People in White" are so-called "breathable covers for clothes".
The size of the cover is 110 cm by 60 cm.
There is a hole for a hanger at the top of the cover.
For easy portability, the cover can be folded in half. There is an additional handle at the bottom of the cover.

Page on the LVB website dedicated to covers for medical clothing: https://lvb.ua/tovar/1032-CHohol-dlya-odyagu.html


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