Action for students

Dear friends!

To support Ukrainian medical students, before the start of the new 2015-2016 academic year, we are holding an unprecedented promotion!

Any student of a medical educational institution, upon presenting a valid student card at the supermarket checkout, when purchasing a medical gown - is guaranteed to receive a discount on the gown + a free supermarket discount card.
And when you buy a gown on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will also receive a white medical cap as a gift.

Very profitable! A white medical gown with a guaranteed discount and a cap as a gift.

The promotion is valid until 30.09.15 (inclusive).
The size of the discount may vary (depends on the educational institution). At the same time, the minimum guaranteed discount is 5%.
The discount card is accumulative, its term of validity is not limited.

Take advantage of a unique promotion: choose a medical gown with a discount and receive a cap as a gift!

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