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Overalls for representatives of the healthcare industry are not only image and corporate style. When working with people, whether you're a pharmacist or a medical practitioner, it's clear that appearance makes a very important impression. Therefore, designing clothes for doctors, today we create not only practical and universal models, but also such products that meet the maximum criteria and meet the demanding demands of employees. In the online supermarket "People in white" you will find a wide variety of specialized clothing: vests, surgical suits, accessories and much more. When manufacturing specialized clothing for medical personnel, we take into account that this is a separate sector of textiles and it has a number of features. Therefore, we have an exclusive assortment waiting for you.

In the online supermarket "People in White" there is always high-quality clothing! Sale is your chance to save a lot.

Cotton is the most demanded material. This is a traditional material for creating honey clothes. This material is convenient at any time of the year: it is not hot in summer, not cold in winter. The feeling of comfort is the main advantage. In general, a lot depends on the cut of the product. But our designers-constructors, who know the specifics of the work of health care workers perfectly, are working on this. Contrary to the advantages of cotton, this material is also not without disadvantages. So, for example, it crumples very easily and, as a result, the product takes on a not quite neat appearance, which is unacceptable for a person working in medicine. Therefore, it is desirable that you have several sets of professional clothing that you can, if necessary, easily change. The sale of medical clothing from the online supermarket "People in White" is your opportunity to maximally fill your professional wardrobe with the necessary number of items and at the same time not spend much.

Models made of mixed fabrics are especially popular now. The basis of the composition is, of course, cotton, but additionally polyester fibers are used in the manufacture of textiles. Thanks to these additives, the products practically do not wrinkle, they are comfortable to wear, they allow air to pass through perfectly, they are distinguished by increased comfort and do not constrain movements. An additional bonus is that the fabric is easy to wash and iron, and at the same time perfectly retains its quality and shape. Synthetic fabrics are also in great demand, but they are characterized by poor breathability, which means that it will be hot in summer in such clothes. Our assortment includes a wide variety of honey clothes. The sale is held by our store during the period of increased demand for our products. We manage to form loyal prices and, if you find discounts, you can consider yourself a real lucky person, because the savings will be significant.

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If you have dedicated your professional activity to the medical field, one thing we can say for sure: there is never a lot of overalls. Especially when it comes to women who, even at work, strive to maintain their attractiveness. Also, regardless of the quality of the products and other characteristics, any clothing tends to lose its "commercial appearance" and the more often you change your professional outfits, the higher the probability that they will serve you longer. Therefore, do not waste time on trips to the shops or, even more so, to the market, where you do not know what is being sold. Prefer our online supermarket, the current sale of med clothes will be a real find for you.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of clothes, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Cloth. Our specialists prefer cotton fabrics. In particular, we know that this is not always practical. Therefore, workers in the medical field often choose not only natural materials, but also synthetic models for their wardrobe, especially in the cold season. Such products are easier to care for and wear-resistant.
  2. Properties such as water and blood repellency are important for operating suits, because if the fabric absorbs the liquid that you have to come into contact with at work, the clothes can be considered disposable.
  3. Color. If your institution does not have a strict dress code, you can choose a color you like for everyday wear. It's good that now there are different shades of medical clothing. The sale will allow you to throw away modesty and choose for yourself exactly as many colors as you want.
  4. Size. Not only convenience, but also the overall appearance depends on this factor. So, for example, if you preferred a model that is larger than necessary, it will look baggy, but clothes that are too narrow will restrict your movements and not look aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Specificity of the cut. A very individual parameter. Our specialists strive to create such overalls that will appeal to even the most demanding doctors. The main thing in these products is functionality. But we do not deprive clothes of beauty.

Suits with a stand-up collar or stand-up collar, with or without pockets, fitted or semi-loose, with fasteners, buttons, buttons, zippers... You will definitely be pleasantly surprised by our medical clothing. The online store "People in White" often holds sales not only of remaining models, but also of the entire assortment as a whole. This fact increases the probability of finding models of your size that you like, even at very attractive prices. Traditional white medical gowns have long been replaced by other shades. So, for example, in therapy and surgery, things of softer shades are preferred, more often - green or blue, i.e. they are more practical. Medical staff and the rehabilitation department may prefer brighter, but unobtrusive shades. You can look spectacular by combining products of several colors. Standard: white top and bright bottom. In this way, in the eyes of the patient, you will look like a solid doctor, and you will not deprive yourself of the main thing - the opportunity to look not only professional, but also bright.

You can buy the model you like in just a few clicks, and we will send it to you by mail to the specified address. All of Ukraine can use our services, which means that wherever you are, your product will arrive directly in your hands. You can also order several sizes at once to try on and choose the products that suit you best. Keep only what you need, and send everything else back.

Over the years of our existence on the market, we managed to earn a name, earn a reputation that we value very much. And our feature is high-quality medical clothing. The sale in Kyiv extends to other cities of the country, therefore, it is particularly advantageous for you to order from the online supermarket "People in White" if:

  1. You want to update your wardrobe as much as possible.
  2. It is important for you to always have a couple or three sets of changing clothes in your closet at home/at work.
  3. You are a wholesale buyer selling goods and looking for the best prices on the market.
  4. You have your own medical institution and are engaged in purchasing clothes for your staff.