Individual tailoring

Masters of sewing production of the "People in White" company will fulfill all your orders:

  • Tailoring of medical clothing according to individual measurements.
  • Sewing according to your pattern.
  • Development of the style of corporate clothing for clinics, medical centers and other medical institutions.
  • Branding. You can put the name of the doctor, the logo of the clinic, the name of the drug and much more on the gown.

Why is it necessary to order tailoring of medical clothes from us?

  • We can do everything! There is no such thing as an impossible order for us.
  • We guarantee quality. A guarantee of up to 180 days is extended to the clothes produced by TM "Lyudy v Biloy".
  • They trust us! Dozens of companies have already ordered tailoring of medical clothing from us.
  • We will immediately show the result. After approval of the order details, we will provide a visualization of the future clothing.

Order tailoring of medical clothes in a convenient way:

Call the contact center

+38 (097) 132-08-08

+38 (063) 132-08-08

+38 (099) 132-08-08

+38 (044) 384-02-23

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