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People in white

The company "People in White" carries out a full cycle of manufacturing medical clothing: design, cutting and sewing.

All products are sewn in-house. This solves the main problem - we fully guarantee the quality of clothes and the production period at all stages.

Our assortment includes a large selection of ready-made products. The size grid is presented from the 38th to the 64th size.

In addition to mass production, we provide the service of individual tailoring, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure and individual wishes of the client.

We also offer a branding service. Logo embroidery will complement the company's corporate style and set you apart from your competitors. You can embroider: clinic/salon/company logo; surname and first name of the doctor; drawing in different colors.

People in White

Why exactly "Men in White"?

  1. We have been working successfully since 2009.
  2. A large number of ready-made products in the supermarket.
  3. Proven models with an excellent fit for the whole team.
  4. Own production (our seamstresses are real magicians).
  5. A wide selection of colors and shades for tailoring.
  6. We sew only high-quality medical clothes. We personally check each product.
  7. Tailoring from the 21st working day. Applying embroidery takes 5-7 working days.
  8. Adherence to tailoring and embroidery deadlines.
  9. Departure of the technologist-designer (Kyiv).
  10. Discount on ready-made products up to 20%, tailoring and branding up to 10%.

Corporate manager of "People in White":

  • will help to choose a model, fabric, color of ready-made or sewing products;
  • will create a profitable offer specifically for your company;
  • issue an invoice for a corporate order;
  • will advise on the nearest deliveries of goods;
  • will calculate the cost of sewing or applying embroidery.

Corporate manager 098-615-36-19 Tetyana Molodyk.

How to make a corporate order?

  • Call/text the corporate manager on viber 098-615-36-19;
  • send the order to
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