The medical uniform is what we first imagine when thinking about a hospital, a doctor, or medicine in general. The uniform is the most important attribute of modern medicine, that is why it is so important to make sure that it is stylish, high-quality and fully meets the requirements of its comfortable operation.

Our company "In White" offers only high quality products. All models of uniforms are designed in such a way that they fully meet the requirements of modern medicine, look very aesthetic and fashionable.

Now you can choose a uniform for yourself or for the staff, emphasizing both the uniqueness of each person and the uniqueness of your medical institution. Choosing a style is now simple and easy, even in a seemingly monotonous medical theme, "In White" offers a diverse selection of colors, shapes and models. You can combine colors, choosing for yourself your special style.

Thus, our developers foresee a departure from the conservative canons of medical uniforms. All models and colors are developed taking into account all the rules of ergonomics and the favorable effect of color on the perception of the patient and specialist. A large group of highly professional specialists, consisting of: fashion designers, stylists, designers, who carefully select only the highest quality materials for creating models and develop the most comfortable and stylish medical models as a team, work on the creation of unique medical clothing "In White".

Now it is possible to stay stylish and fashionable at work. Everyday uniform will no longer seem everyday and monotonous even for a long time, we always have something to choose from, and you can always diversify your days with a fashionable form, emphasizing your individuality and uniqueness.

"In White" is a new word in medical fashion, a word that begins with the formation of trust and the establishment of the patient's relationship with the medical world.


Open a successful business with IN WHITE!

We dress doctors of all specialties, medical personnel, cosmetologists, beauticians, rehabilitators

We offer:

  • 100 ready options from the catalog
  • Form development in corporate style
  • Only original medical tissues from the Netherlands, Italy and the USA
  • Accessories of premium quality

We work with premium quality fabrics

  • Dutch cotton, medical cotton (Netherlands). Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Density: 164 g / m2
  • Special cotton, lightweight fabric (Netherlands). Composition: 72% cotton, 24% polyester, 4% spandex. Density: 130 g / m2
  • Stretch cotton (Italy). Composition: 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Density: 123 g / m2
  • Cotton print (USA). Composition: 100% cotton. Density 150 g / m2

We will provide all certificates for fabrics and accessories.


We sell our medical clothing in 12 countries of the world:

Israel, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Armenia, Russia, Turkmenistan.


  • In 2020, we recycled 139 km of fabric
  • 128,000 units were sold
  • According to the test protocol, our products withstand 1,673 washes


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Corporate clients

The "InWhite" company has been helping Ukrainian and international medical institutions build a corporate style for more than 6 years

One of the main tasks of "InWhite" is to emphasize the status of medical institutions. With the help of clothes, show the attributes of corporate culture. Create a unique external style for the team. Create an individual form that is convenient for everyday use. This is exactly what makes a medical institution unique.

Services for corporate clients:

Individual tailoring:

  • We know that every body is special, so in order for every client to find a suit to their liking, we provide the service of individual tailoring. We sew in our own production, and therefore every seamstress will be perfect.
  • You can order tailoring in the corporate colors of your company and taking into account all your wishes.
  • The term of individual tailoring is from 20 days.

Clothing branding:

  • Among the advantages of the corporate style, it is worth focusing on the cohesion of employees.
  • Individual embroidery or thermal sticker with the company logo, motto or doctor's initials. The application of embroidery or stickers takes place using the latest technologies, and therefore will serve for a long time.
  • The embroidery time is from 5 days.
  • There are 60 fabric colors to choose from
  • Clothes withstand 1650 washing cycles or 5 years of intensive use
  • We work with the highest class fabrics: Dutch cotton, medical cotton, Italian stretch cotton, cotton print from the USA
  • Premium quality accessories: the buttons do not rust, and the paint does not come off the zippers, made in Germany and Italy

Discount for clinics, medical centers, beauty salons up to 15% depending on the amount of the order

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