Women's medical vests

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To maintain a comfortable state at work, under the conditions of a changing temperature regime in the institution, it is important that specialists have comfortable insulated clothing. Wardrobe items that will keep you warm are an integral part of any medical worker. And we are talking, first of all, about medical vests. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, service personnel - no one will neglect their comfort, and most importantly - their health. Taking into account the specifics of the work of medical institutions, it is forbidden to wear warm outerwear. Therefore, vests became an excellent solution, which at the same time emphasize the desired corporate style and preserve the health of employees.

Medical vests: where they are most often worn

As practice shows, with the onset of the first cold weather, it is coldest indoors. Especially if you have to wait and wait for heating. The situation is no different in polyclinics, hospitals and other institutions. Therefore, medical vests will be especially appropriate in the following cases:

  • If you often have to walk in the corridors, visit the reception department or cross the crossings bordering the street. These are places where, more often than not, it is particularly cold. But the most dangerous thing is drafts.
  • If you work in a room equipped with access to the street. These are often pharmacies, lobbies, and dressing rooms.
  • If you work or often enter special premises where, according to technical or sanitary standards, a reduced working temperature is provided, as well as storage or utility premises.

All the vests that the online medical clothing supermarket "People in white" can offer you are distinguished by the presence of insulation. We guarantee comfortable use even in conditions when the temperature reaches below zero degrees. All women's medical vests are designed not only from the point of view of frost resistance, but also practicality. Comfort in such clothes is a priority. Therefore, the products have the necessary pockets of various types, snakes-zippers, which are characterized by easy closing/opening.

Look good even in a women's medical vest

Of course, this is provided that this wardrobe item is purchased in our online store. And here's why:

  • We have a wide range of offers. Different models for any type of figure. From a stylish and modern cut to a practical classic.
  • A variety of colors. This will allow you to choose a honey vest as harmoniously as possible, buy wardrobe items that are missing and easily combine them with each other.
  • We realize that quality is the most important thing in overalls, especially in medical ones. That's why we introduced a guarantee for our product.

For the fair sex, it is important to always remain feminine. But the strict framework of medical institutions contributes to the fact that maintaining your unique style is not as easy as you would like. Therefore, a large model range from different categories of things will allow you to choose such things in which you will feel comfortable, moreover, it is far from a fact that your colleague will have the same professional outfit.

You will not be happy with one vest...

So that the thing does not wear out in a short time, it is desirable not to subject it to daily wear and, even more so, to washing. It is desirable that you have several sets, and one of them - the regular one - should always be in the work cabinet. In our online store, not only retail sales are carried out. Therefore, if you need to buy women's medical vests, for example, for all your employees - here you can do it easily. Availability of all sizes, any color, material and accessories - you can choose what suits both your taste and the generally accepted corporate style. Therefore, if we are talking about vests - think, maybe you need something else, because the wholesale prices from "People in White" will pleasantly surprise you.

Our sewing masters work with individual orders, so if you want something unique, we will gladly create a vest for you based on your sample. It will meet your individual measurements and, of course, all your wishes. Every year, Kyiv delights with the opening of new laboratories, private clinics, polyclinics. Therefore, we are happy to undertake the creation of a corporate style. If you wish, we can brand your overalls by putting any information on the vests: logo, doctor's name, drug name, etc.

Dozens of companies throughout Ukraine have already entrusted us with their style. And all because there are no impossible tasks for us. We confidently guarantee the quality, and after agreeing with you on the details of the order, you will receive it in your hands as quickly as possible.