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It is necessary to look presentable not only for managers and businessmen, but also for medical workers. Because neat, ironed, clean and stylish corporate clothes help to win the trust and respect of patients. The elements of the wardrobe of male doctors are different, depending on the specifics of the work. The most popular item is the medical gown. Future doctors start wearing such a product from their student days. It is what inculcates neatness and compliance with hygiene rules in the medical profession. In addition, a gown is an extremely convenient and practical thing that can be purchased very easily in Ukraine, especially if you visit the site of medical clothing and accessories "People in White".

Unlimited assortment and high quality

At first glance, choosing a good dressing gown can seem like a difficult task. Models are the same everywhere, and the quality of each product is not at a high level. But in our supermarket, the assortment of corporate clothes for male doctors is simply huge. Here you will find both inexpensive models of classic cut and stylish elements of corporate style with:

  • stand-up collars;
  • shirt-type collar;
  • branded buttons;
  • elements of Ukrainian embroidery.

Each men's medical gown is beautiful in its own way. For example, a classic model with a turn-down collar and a V-shaped neckline is ideal for those who prefer restraint and brevity in their appearance. The product with a stand-up collar and buttons embodies minimalism and comfort. A model with a shirt-type collar will definitely appeal to modern men who want to look stylish and business-like at the same time. But an interesting model with decorative Ukrainian embroidery on the collar and breast pocket will suit true patriots.

"People in White" supermarket offers only high-quality clothes, distinguished by their tightness, comfort, convenient cut and respectable appearance. All men's medical gowns are made of good materials that do not roll, wash perfectly and are practically wrinkle-free. Each stage of sewing the product is carefully controlled. In a wide assortment, you will find both purely cotton products and models made of synthetic fibers. Overalls, made entirely of natural material, have high hygroscopicity and breathability. It will be especially comfortable in the hot season. And the products, in which synthetic fibers predominate, are good because they protect the doctor's skin from various chemicals that the doctor deals with. Another significant advantage of such things is that they do not get dirty as much as natural products. Such a medical men's gown does not require special care: it can be thrown into the washing machine. Even if you wash such a product at high speed, nothing will happen to it, it will not lose its shape, and its appearance will remain the same as original.

You can choose trousers and shoes for the robe. Such elements of the medical wardrobe as the gown are presented in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles.

If you like this or that model, but you can't decide on the size, the "Size grid" section will help you figure it out, where there are two tables: the first shows the main size characteristics of typical men's figures, and the second - male height In order to take all the measurements correctly, watch a special video that tells and clearly shows how to determine the sizes of men's medical gowns.

After you know all your parameters, all you have to do is enter them into a special calculator, which will calculate the size of the product you need.

Individual tailoring is a great solution for modern men

"Lyudy v Bilyo" supermarket is not limited to the sale of overalls for doctors. We are also engaged in individual tailoring of products. Such a service will allow you to get a model that will just sit perfectly on the figure. Because during production, sewing masters take into account all the parameters and characteristics of the physique of the man who decided to order a robe.

In Kyiv, as in other cities of Ukraine, everyone wants to look respectable and stylish at their workplace. We take this fact into account and create fashionable corporate clothing, taking into account the latest trends from the fashion world. Our designers and constructors are not going to stop there - they are constantly looking for original solutions.

What are our advantages?

When you contact the "Lyudy v Bilyo" supermarket, you will not regret your choice, as our company offers the following advantages for customers:

  1. High quality products.
  2. Comfortable cut of robes.
  3. Stylish design of models.
  4. Acceptable prices.
  5. Prompt delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine.
  6. Convenient form of payment.
  7. A large selection of products.
  8. Warranty for medical clothing up to 180 days.
  9. Return and exchange of goods within 14 days.
  10. Availability of discount programs, sales and gift cards.

Each product is exclusively Ukrainian-made and created according to high quality standards. And the design of medical gowns itself is carefully thought out. Here, both fashion trends and the specifics of the work of medical workers are taken into account.

You can order and buy a men's medical gown without leaving your home. All you have to do is select the products you like and click the "Buy" button, and then enter your parameters in a special form. Payment can be made using a bank card or another convenient method. Couriers of our company will deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Keep in mind: if the purchase is made for more than 1000 hryvnias, delivery will be free of charge.

If you don't get what you wanted, you can return the product or exchange it for another one, but you need to do it within 2 weeks from the moment of purchase.

For those doctors who want to buy a men's medical gown not for themselves, but as a gift for a colleague, doctor or other specialist, you can buy a gift card. Everyone will be happy with such a present. Because the gift card can be exchanged for any product from our catalog.

And the discount program will help you save money on purchases. This is a kind of accumulative system of discounts, where all purchases made by you are included. In other words, the more purchases, the bigger the discount. You can also pick up an inexpensive product in the "Sale" section, where stylish men's robes are often found.

"Lyudy v Bilyo" supermarket will allow you to dress profitably, stylishly and inexpensively.