Birthday present!

For the birthday, every Client of the "People in White" company will receive a pleasant and useful gift:

20% OFF

The discount is valid 7 days before and 7 days after the birthday.

*with a discount you can purchase up to three products from the assortment of TM "People in White".

The discount does not apply to products in the "Sale" category.

How to get a discount?

To the owner of the "People in White" discount card:

When confirming the order by phone, dictate the number of the discount card to the manager.

To the New Client:

Get a "People in White" discount card.

To do this, please send a photo of the document in which the date of birth is indicated in a convenient way:


Viber: +38 (097) 132-08-08

After receiving the information, the managers will calculate the amount to be paid, taking into account the discount.