About us

Founders of the Inwhite brand - photo Founders Ksenia and Pavlo Astakhovy launched the IN WHITE brand in 2014. The goal was ambitious – to give medical workers a uniform in which it would be convenient to spend 24 hours a day at work, and at the same time look impressive and stylish. Thanks to this idea, the creators undermined the idea of form that had been established for several years. IN WHITE introduced a new concept in Ukraine – fashion for medical clothing.

The white coat became a stereotype and settled in people's minds. He often evoked melancholy and depression in patients, and fear and anxiety in children.

In 2014, the medical clothing market was in its infancy. There were several brands in the market that sold old-fashioned medical clothing.

The very first IN WHITE models were the first steps towards overcoming monochrome barriers and standard uniforms for doctors. Medical gowns in blue, pink and eggplant colors quickly became popular with the girls. The men were delighted with the doctor's practical dark blue and black suits. Female students of Ukrainian medical universities now proudly wear stylish dresses that perfectly emphasize the figure and do not restrict movement. Now the assortment includes almost 50 colors and 90 styles.

Designer and creative director of the company, Ksenia, while developing clothing models for doctors, always achieved only the ideal result - seams, accessories, cut. In love with the design of gowns, suits and dresses, she managed to inspire an audience of Ukrainian doctors and cosmetologists to fall in love with medical clothing. Now it's not just a uniform. It is a way of self-expression, a way to create an atmosphere around you, a doctor you can trust, a beautician you want to visit more than once, a nurse whose care is unforgettable.

Shelves with medical clothes in the InWhite store Fitting rooms in the InWhite store

Over the years, the company has gone from a format of a collection consisting of two suits to a full-fledged collection of 15 suits, which is released once a year. In the course of work, the network went beyond the borders of the country. Currently, stores are open in the following countries: Israel, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Armenia, Russia, Turkmenistan.

We see that from year to year the product we produce becomes more and more important for creating a comfortable communication with the patient. Service culture is developing in Ukraine. We are glad that every step we take leads to an increase in demand for our product. The number of happy doctors and beauticians is measured by hundreds of thousands.

Consumer corner in the InWhite store The shopping hall of the InWhite store Holiday at the InWhite store

Every morning when he goes to work, a doctor or a beauty expert can choose a color and style according to his mood. And the stylish uniform of the medical center staff will add confidence and emphasize the institution's status.

Be a part of this IN WHITE story and see how your workplace can change with a detail like a uniform.