By order

Our experts of clothing manufacture will execute all your orders:

  • Tailoring of medical clothes for individual order.
  • Tailoring to your own example.
  • Development of a corporate style for a clinics or a medical centers.
  • Branding. We can to depict on a lab coat doctor’s surname, company’s logotype, name of preparation etc.

Why you have to order our tailoring of medical clothes?

  • We can do everything! There are no orders which we cannot to accomplish.
  • We accredit quality. We give a warranty so long as 180 days for clothes prodused TM «Lyudy v bilomu».
  • Clients confides for us! A score of companies ordered our tailoring of medical clothes.
  • We show you result at once. After order’s confirmation we will give you visualization of future clothes.

Order tailoring of medical clothes in convenient way:

By phone
+380 (44) 384 02 23
+380 (97) 132 08 08
+380 (99) 132 08 08
+380 (63) 132 08 08
By email: