What should be the medical shoes?


The occupation of doctor supposes the constant movement. The regular round of patients, rendering the aid, operations – all that says that a medical worker is really almost all time in dynamics. And the last thing that shall concern a doctor during work is the clothes and shoes. It is desirable to put on the specialized shoes for medical workers. Comfortable shoe, natural materials, practical design – comfort and no harm to health.

How to choose the medical shoes

The specialized shoes for medical workers shall correspond to the following criteria:
- light weight;
- flexible sole;
- transpiring material of top and inner sole;
- minimum furniture.

Which shall the medical shoes be?

The most important thing in medical shoes is the comfort. The medical sabots are mostly popular. Their difference from usual ones is that they have the high hygiene, and the steps of workers are almost noiseless because they are light. These shoes are comfortable in use both in winter and in summer because it does not create any “greenhouse effect”. The shoes with anti-skid elements are used in operating rooms.
It is not recommended to have the shoes with flat sole – there is the risk for strains because there is the large load on strings and muscles of feet. The wedge heel of 3-4 cm high is considered to be comfortable for women’s medical shoes – thanks to this you can unload the spinal column at long load. The wedge heel of larger height may become the reason for development of intervertebral rupture. The corrective insoles are also used to avoid the fatigue in feet. The available fixative belt or closed heel is important for more comfortable wear.
The shape of shoes for medical workers has the special criteria. It shall be loose but at the same time adjoin to the foot so that the sabots will not be loose on it. The toes shall not be crossed or pressed. The shoes shall be with closed tips. If it is very wide, the excessive load on toes is possible, as a result from this – formation of callosities.


The comfortable medical shoes are made mainly of natural materials in order not to provoke any development of different dermatological diseases. It may be the leather, nubuck, chamois, textile. Their main function is to blow and not to allow the moisture accumulating inside.
The shoes from light synthetic material EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) also enjoy the great popularity. The sabots of TM Coqui are presented in the range of “Men in White” from this material. The material has the antibacterial effect. The sabot of this mark are resistant to curves, it is easy to take care of them. The flexible absorbing sole and massage texture of the inner sole decreases the load on the spinal column while walking.


Taking into consideration the factor that everything at medical establishment shall be maximally sterile, in addition to the appearance of shoes, it is necessary that they would easily be washed and processed by antiseptic agents, hereby not spoiling. That’s why the medical shoes are made without plenty of small parts.
There are no restrictions as to the color, of which the medical shoes shall be. Sabots can be selected for any color of uniform or gown.
You can choose the comfortable medical shoes, visiting the following link.