How to whiten lab coats

White lab coat is the standard form of clothes for most medical men. The gown is often stained due to active wearing and it may get the grayish tint with time. It is necessary correctly to wash the gown so that it would preserve its presentable appearance. All products of TM “Lyudy v bilomu” are completed with detailed instruction with rules for care depending on type of fabric.
If as a result from long wearing the gown lost its whiteness, you can use one from safe and proven methods, how to blench the medical gown.

Agents for bleach

The popular agent to bleach the white medical gown is the oxygen bleaches – they do not contain chlorine and are applied for washing of poly cotton, polyester and natural fabrics. The oxygen bleach may be used both as a separate agent and powder reinforcing agent. Before use check its effect on the small site of fabric. It is not desirable to use the bleaches with chlorine – they can spoil the fabric structure.
The common household soap helps to return the novelty to the clothes and remove the contaminations. It is necessary to process the most contaminated sites and leave for an hour or one and half hour.
The efficient way to bleach the medical gown is to presoak it in water with hydrogen peroxide (proportion – 60:1). Turn over the article periodically so that the solution would be absorbed evenly.
Citric acid is one more agent, capable to return the whiteness to the medical clothes. Add 20 g of acid per each liter of hot water for preparation of the solution. Presoak the products in the solution for 2-3 hours, further – automatic or hand washing.
You can use the juice of fresh lemons in proportion of 1 average lemon for 1 liter of water instead of citric acid.
Important! You may presoak only the clothes with plastic furniture in the solution of citric acid. The metal zippers after long presoaking may get rusty.
The efficient agent to bleach the medical gown under home conditions is the mixture of salt, ammonia water and hydrogen dioxide. The ingredients shall be prepared in proportion 2:1:3. Dissolve a half glass in two liters of hot water; presoak the linen in it for some hours. You may add some detergent powder into water in order to intensify the bleach effect. It is very important thoroughly to rinse the things from detergent, otherwise the stroke marks may appear.
Strange as it may seem but there is one more agent to bleach the medical gown – this is the weak solution of potassium permanganate. Dissolve a spoon of potassium permanganate in large amount of water (7-10 liters) and add a handful of laundry detergent there. Put the gown into solution and leave for a pair of hours. Then rinse and wash in usual mode.

Reasons for appearance of yellowness

There are many reasons why the white gown may become grey or yellowish. It is the hard water and incorrect temperature mode of washing. It is necessary to follow to such rules of care that are required by fabric from which the goods are made in order not to think, how to bleach the medical gowns:
- gowns from poly cotton and polyester shall be washed at temperature of up to 40 degrees;
- it is not desirable to wash the cotton gowns with the things from synthetic materials or wool – the joint washing may cause to appearance of grey color;
- it is better to wash the white gowns with colored insertions by hands in the water of room temperature. Washing in hot water may cause to the situation, when the paint of colored insertions would come to the main fabric of gown.
- Add some spoons of distilled vinegar to the water for rinsing at washing in hard running water – it will prevent from appearance of yellowness.
Before bleaching the medical gown thoroughly clean the discharge of washing-machine – it may become the source of grey deposition on the white fabric.

Guaranty of blameless appearance

If you take the correct care for the article – it will keep its preppy look for a long time. While buying a gown, you will receive the booklet “After-sales commitments”, which describe how better to take care of medical clothes depending on type of fabric and color.
This booklet is the guaranty for quality of our products – the guaranty covers the whole range for up to 180 days. If an article loses its color during that period, the seams or furniture spoil – obligatorily bring a thing to us, we will return the money or change it for a new one.
We are sure in exclusive quality of products “Lyudu v bilomu”!