How to choose and buy a medical gown

While choosing a medical gown you should take into account many criteria – the materials, peculiarities of stature, specificity of profession, peculiarities of model. We help each Client to choose namely that product that will underline the advantages of stature and allow making the professional duties with comfort. We will share our experience, how to choose a medical gown.




If there are no specific requirements to the material, you would rather buy the medical gown from blended fabric. The optimal combination of polyester and cotton allows preserving the useful properties of both materials – high-wearing feature, water absorption, simplicity in care. That’s why the blended fabrics are used to make the larger part in range of TM “Men in White”.
The students mostly often choose the gowns from 100% polyester. It is the inexpensive fabric, which is not practically crinkled and dries quickly. You can wear the gown for the whole day in the rucksack and it will not be crinkled, will look tidily. The only disadvantage is that in winter the fabric may become electrifiable.
You should choose a gown from 100% cotton for work with reagents. The fabrics with polyester at penetration of chemical substances may melt. The cotton is resistant to impact of reagents – it is enough to wash the gown and it will be as the new one. The gowns from cotton are pleasant for body and hypoallergic. The fabric is blown well – you will feel comfortable in such product in any season of the year. The disadvantage of cotton is the fancifulness in care. Such gowns are easily crinkled; it is difficult to smooth them. Washing at high temperature may provoke the shrinkage.


One from the most important criteria how to choose a medical gown is its size. While trying on the article it is necessary to take into consideration that you shall feel comfortable, nothing shall hinder movements. To check, whether the size of the gown suits, fasten all buttons and move actively - lift your hands in dismay, put your hands in front. If you feel the constraint and discomfort – it is desirable to choose an article by larger size.
The tolerance for ease of fit as 4-10 cm is generally accepted. This means that the parameters of the gown shall be larger than your parameters minimum by 4 cm.
Key parameters at choice of clothes:
- chest circumference;
- waist circumference;
- hip circumference.
Based on results from measurements, you can choose a gown without leaving your home and order the delivery on site


The design of gown shall be chosen, based first of all on specificity of profession. Thus, it is desirable to choose the gowns with long sleeves and closed collar for work at laboratory – in order to protect the skin against penetration of undesirable substances. If the specialty often requires hand washing, the most comfortable gowns will be the gowns with ¾ sleeves – you do not need to turn them back during washing, the cuffs will not stain.
If there are no requirements to the design of the gown, you can choose and buy the medical gown pursuant to the peculiarities of stature. For example, the slim fit models or articles with the belt will suit to medical girls with the stature “sandglass”. Such model will underline the advantages of stature.
The range of “Men in White” presents the gowns for any type of stature – slim fit, relaxed fit, semi-fitted with band, with high waistline and even fashionable A- silhouette that extends to the bottom.


Before correctly to choose and buy a medical gown, it is desirable to learn, whether there are the requirements to dress code at employees of medical establishment, where you work. Many clinics select the clothes for employees according to corporate colors. Sometimes they choose the uniform of a certain color for employees of different departments. For example, for pediatric department – pink suits, for surgery – green or blue.
The students of medical educational establishments shall choose the white gowns with minimum colored insertions and décor.
The large space for choice appears if there are no restrictions for color. The products of pastel shades with mint, pink and blue colors enjoy the popularity. The medical clothes of black and graphitic color also come in fashion.


The main criterion at choice of gown is the quality of fabrication. The gown with workmanship defects may quickly divide in the seams, the furniture may be damaged or get out of order. While choosing the medical clothes “Men in White” you can be sure in their high quality. Before getting to the shelves of supermarket, each article passes through triple quality control and only the articles that have passed through strict selection are presented at shopping space.
Order a gown and make sure in perfect quality of medical clothes “Men in White”!