How to choose the medical clothes

We have already told about important criteria, to which you should pay your attention while buying the medical gown in article “How correctly to choose and to buy a medical gown”. Link. This is a wide and important topic, thus, we continue sharing our secrets.


While choosing the medical clothes, one more important criterion than material is the density of the fabric. If a gown is needed for summer period, it is desirable to buy a product from less dense fabric (115-120 g/m2), where the percentage of cotton wool prevails in composition. The supermarket “Men in White” presents the gowns from light mixed fabrics “Batiste” and “Universal”. This fabric is pleasant to the body and it well penetrates the air thanks to high content of cotton wool. You will not be hot during warm season in goods from light fabrics, and the fabric will not stew, and vice versa denser fabric will suit to winter or autumn season. The density of such fabric is approximately 195 g/m2.
If you need a universal gown, which suits to any season of the year, it is better to fix on the fabric of middle density – 165 g/m2. In summer you will not be hot and in winter, in order not to get frozen in the cold premise, you should put on the warm clothes beneath the gown.

How to choose a medical gown

While choosing gowns for women, it is important to select such model, which would emphasize the advantages of stature and hide the disadvantages. The goods of relaxed fit will suit to the sonsy girls and the length up to the knee will hide the corpulence. The tight fit style will better suit to slender girls; the belt will underline the waist. The length of over knee will emphasize the beauty of legs.
The modern models of medical gowns differ with color range, shapes of collar and sleeve, kind of fastener. They may have different decorative elements, such as colorful inserts, straps, self-belts, embroidery, etc. Choosing the stylish beautiful models, do not forget about own comfort. The medical clothes shall not constrain the motions. Leaving the tolerance for freedom of fit with 4-6 cm, you will be comfortable to work, making different manipulations.
If you got used to wear different things (keys, phones, notepads, pens), pay attention to the number and size of pockets in the product that you have chosen.

How to choose a medical gown for men

The models of gowns for men are more chaste and simpler; they have the lesser number of furniture and compulsorily the long sleeve. While choosing a medical gown for men, it is necessary to take into account not only the size but the stature. Usually the gowns for men are made with the fifth stature (180-184 cm). This is the peculiarity for clothes of commercial production. It is sewed due to typical parameters of figure and stature. The products, sewed for such stature, are considered to be standard and suit to the most number of people.
While trying on a gown, pay attention to the length of sleeve. The sleeve shall come to the prominent bone near the base of thumb phalange at the hand, being lowered.
If you make the order online, please, specify at manager, for which stature the product is made. If the length of the gown does not suit to your stature, ask the manager to measure the parameters of the gown and compare them with the parameters of body or the product that has been bought before:
- length of gown back (it shall suit to the length since start of the spine up to desired length of the product due to back);
- length of the product’s sleeve (it shall suit to the length from point of shoulder end up to the wrist due to the hand, slightly bowed in the elbow).
The managers of internet store “Men in White” will always help to choose the right size and define, whether the product’s length suits to your stature or not. The skilled workers will help to make the corrections into the length of product and sleeve (to reduce the length to the desired one, or to prolong the product by 1-2 cm).