How to find out shoe size?

Do you like the shoes on the site of internet store and are you afraid of not guessing the size?

We will simplify the task and will help you correctly to define the size of shoes. It is not compulsory to have the talent of artist. The easiest variant to learn your size of shoes is to measure the length of foot or inner sole. You do not need to outline the foot with pencil!

How should you learn the size of shoes using the parameter of foot length?

The size lists of manufacturers differ, thus, you’d better define the size using the parameter of foot length. You should make only two horizontal lines with pencil and measure the distance between them – such way provides with the clear result. It is difficult to outline your foot in full – you can make a mistake: make a line closer to the toe or heel or vice versa further and we will receive the result that does not correspond to reality.

How should you make the measurements and learn the size of shoes?
You need to make some easy actions:
1. Put your foot on the sheet of paper in the upright position (it is desirable to do it in the evening – the foot is increased by evening) and with support of boyfriend or girlfriend :-) ).
2. Put the rulers on the floor so that one ruler would be behind the heel and the other one near the extending toe (see Figure 1). Important: put the ruler so that it would rest not under the foot (under heel or under toe) but at the point, where the lines are visually crossed on Figure 2.
3. Make two lines.
4. Measure the distance between them (Figure 3) – this is the foot length.



It is desirable to measure both feet, if the length differs – choose the largest value.
Further we look for that value in the table of sizes and choose your own one.

How should you define the size of shoes using the parameter of sole length?

You can also measure the sole length of the shoes, which are comfortable for you and tell the index to the manager. How to do it: measure the distance from the end point of the heel to the end point of the most extending toe. The manager measures the sole length and recommends the size, which should be chosen.

Courier delivery of the shoes with different sizes.

The courier delivery with “spare size” will be the wonderful and convenient variant – you will try on the adjacent sizes. It is easy and simple to execute such delivery in internet store of medical clothes “Men in White” – just ask the manager to put the adjacent sizes of shoes to fit. If the delivery is from another city – the easy mathematical task is solved, and the shoes fit well on the feet.

Good wearing!