Massage shoes

As it is generally known, the main tool of massage therapist is the hands. Hereby, the professionals of massage business should not forget about one more important thing – health of feet!

How correctly to choose the comfortable and sensible shoes?Which criteria are important at selection of shoes for massage therapists? We will gladly tell you, which shoes shall be.


Each specialist on his/her own chooses the shape of clothes and kind of shoes, in which it will be comfortable for him/her to work (of course, if you are lucky, and the dress code did not concern you). It is comfortable for some people to work barefoot or in socks. It is acceptable at execution of Eastern massage techniques. Do not forget that the firm adhesion with the floor surface is necessary at massage so that the feet would not slide.

What should you remember at selection of shoes?

The feet face the whole attack in work of massage therapist. Very often during a day and especially at the end of working day one can feel the pain and exhaustion in the back and in the feet. Thus, it is important to choose the right shoes for massage therapists.

The main criteria at selection of shoes:
- light and free
- low heel or wedge heel (2-3 cm)
- shoes that do not rub the heel
- support for medial foot arch.

The shoes shall cling to the foot, hereby not pressing it. The tight shoes lead to circulation failure in the lower extremities. It is also not good when the shoes are very loose that leads to callosity and rubs.

The low stable heel or wedge heel decreases the load on the spinal column and supports the correct posture, and the low rise from the inner side supports foot arch.
We advice you to find the time for selection of the new shoes. Try on two boots at once and go along the hall. Feel, whether it is really comfortable and convenient for you, whether the foot is located correctly, and whether the new shoes would not press you.

To which characteristics should you pay your attention at selection of shoes for massage therapists?

1. Massage effect. We recommend buying the shoes with massage inner sole, which will help you to release from feeling of weight or fatigue in the lower extremities, muscle strain and promote the blood circulation.
2. Anti-skid effect. It is important to choose the shoes with relief sole. Such sole will protect you against falls and traumas.
3. Antibacterial effect. Ask the seller about material, from which the shoes are made and what properties it has. The antibacterial material prevents from excessive body perspiration, appearance of unpleasant odor and generation of bacteria.
4. Durability and wear-resistance. It is always pleasant to buy good quality products, which will serve for a long period of time.

The comfortable and convenient shoes from TM Coqui have all abovementioned characteristics. The shoes of this trademark are made of light and durable material – PVC (polyvinylchloride). And one more pleasant bonus – easy care. You can buy sabot to wear every day. The antibacterial material and the perforation will not allow appearing any unpleasant odor on the feet, and at contamination it is enough to rinse the shoes in warm flow water.

You can choose the comfortable shoes for massage therapists at the following link.