Clothes for cosmeticians

A cosmetician is a special character in the industry of beauty.


He a magician gifts the beauty, happiness and positive emotions. The clients come to the master not only for procedures of youth but for the good mood. It is very important for cosmetician to obtain the support of client and correctly to present himself/herself. The appearance of specialist: well care, tidiness, cleanness and of course professional clothes plays the important role in self-presentation.


Clothes for cosmeticians. What is it important to know?

1. Comfortable and practical. The clothes shall be comfortable and shall not constrain the motions. Constantly working with hands and having the necessity in their frequent disinfection, a cosmetician shall better choose a short sleeve or sleeve of three quarters. This also will protect the client’s skin against transfer of bacteria to it, as it is known that the long sleeve may serve their carriers.


2. Cleanness of professional clothes. Even working at home at separately equipped room, you should not meet the clients in home clothes. The ironed clean medical gown or suit will make the right impression on a client. It is important to have minimum two kits of clothes for their change. And sometimes a cosmetician has to change the clothes per 2-3 times a day due to contamination with medicines and it is necessary to have the changeable kit at hand for such cases.


3. Fashionable and modern models. The cosmeticians are indissolubly connected with the beauty and, thus, the appearance is their visiting card. The female and elegant models, beautiful styles will help to look stylish in the eyes of the client. The medical dresses have come to the market not long ago. This is the brilliant alternative to gowns and suits for cosmeticians. The dress looks more delicate and emphasizes the nice figure of owner. And choosing the products with open neck, you will demonstrate your well cared skin of the neck to the clients.


4. We choose the color. Many salons choose the white color in corporate clothes. The white color is associated with the cleanness and sterility, causes more trust at a client. Moreover, the white color is always in trend, and the clothes may be distinguished with brilliant accessories. Choosing the white color, you should not forget about its impracticality and marking-off. Such not simple dilemma is at cosmeticians.


5. Raisin. Thus, you can emphasize your individuality using the medical clothes and accessories. It is not compulsory to choose the already made decorated suit. A good stylish brooch may be selected to the simple medical gown, dress or suit. The embroidery of cosmetology elements (sponges, syringes), logotype, name of doctor, flowers, etc. will look very nice. The Company “Men in White” is also engaged into product branding. Call +380 (97) 132 08 08 to receive the detailed information about service and to make an order.


6. Wear resistance of clothes and their quality. The fabric shall not be tumbled and get worn. The seams shall be processed by good quality line to minimize the possibility for rupture. A product, sewed due to right patterns, will well suit to the figure. The clothes of good quality always look expensively and esthetically.


The medical products by TM “Men in White” pass through three stages in verification of quality and only the verified products are laid on the shelves at supermarket. We are your guarantor of quality!