Medical clothes for students

Each medical student before the first course has the question: what kind of medical clothes to choose to look stylish, to feel comfortably and hereby the clothes would conform to the requirements and after wearing in the bag or rucksack it would look tidily.


There are no strict requirements to the clothes for students among specializations (pediatrician, dentist, surgeon, etc.). The approaches are individual at different departments and subjects. During one class it is necessary to be in medical gown and cap, at other class – it is sufficient to put on the surgical blouson or medical blouson with the fastener, it is necessary to be in surgical suit at the operating room.
It is important for each student shall have the standard kit of medical clothes in order not to get into unpleasant or ridiculous situation:
- white gown;
- suit;
- cap;
- shoes.
There are many cases when a student left a gown at home and they did not allow him attending the class (it is a pity and unpleasant), or when left a cap and a teacher gave a paper white crown, etc. It is necessary to understand that a white gown is a visiting card of doctor, wear it with the pride and satisfaction, take the cap and changeable shoes – this disciplines and helps to get used to medical clothes.
What kind of medical clothes shall be for students?

Gown for students

A medical gown shall be of white color, the colorful edge piping and inserts are also allowed. The length of sleeve may be different: short, three quarters or long – it is at your choice. In fact, some department prohibit wearing a gown with short sleeve or three quarters as in this case the clothes looks out from beneath the gown, and it is not the case. Taking into consideration that the academic year starts since the cool season of the year, it would be more comfortable to wear the gown namely with the long sleeve.
Later, having learnt the rules and requirements at your university, you may buy the other gown for change with the other length of sleeve. As it concerns the length of the gown it is desirable that a gown would be a bit lower than the knees. The medical men have the rule: the clothes shall not become visible from beneath the gown. Thus, putting on the gown with classical length below knees, you will defend yourself against remarks by teachers.

Suit for students

You should not hurry up with the purchase of the suit (if you have not been warned in advance), as for example, it will be necessary only at the second course for some subjects. The students may choose any styles and colors of suits. The blousons may be surgical or medical – be put on through the head or have the fastener, trousers – on the elastic band or with the fastener.
While choosing the gowns or suites you should pay your attention to the mixed fabrics, which composition includes the cotton wool and polyester – the more polyester there is in the fabric, the less the clothes will be crinkled in the student’s bag or package and the appearance will be tidier.
There are various styles: tight fit, semi-fitted, on snap fasteners, on buttons, with stand collar, turn-down collar, shirt collar, with belt, with decorative parts, strap and functional pockets, etc.

Cap for students

Many young people, who for the first time put on the cap, are covered with the feeling of horror and there is the thought that they would have to wear it every day. And in vain, the cap suits almost to everyone, it is unusual to see oneself for the first time in the medical cap in the mirror.
It is desirable to fix on the choice of white cap. Possibly, at senior courses, especially at pediatrics, you would be allowed to wear the colorful caps with funny prints and pictures.
The advice to the representatives of the gentle sex: compulsorily try on the cap before purchase, having previously gathered the hair together. At some department they allow attending the classes only in the cap with gathered hair.


A student may choose various shoes: medical (sabot, crocs, clogs, closed) or usual clean shoes, which he/she may put on for the classes. Even in boot covers but without changeable shoes, you may not be admitted to the classes.
We wish the successes to you in the interesting, not simple and vital occupation!