What is the name of medical clothes?

The fashion for medical clothes is developed very quickly and many other products have appeared in the market in addition to common gowns and uniforms. “Men in White” Company is not only the expert in medical clothes but the trend setter - the one, who sets the style in medical fashion and introduces the fashion merchandise. We will share with our experience and tell how the medical clothes are called.


Medical gowns

They are the most popular kind of clothes in the wardrobe of medical man. The white gown is associated with sterility, safety and reliability; that’s why it has become a symbol of medical activity. The fabrics from cotton or poly cotton - blended fabric that contains the cotton and polyester are mostly often used for fabrication. Thanks to such composition and special structure of fabric, the products are pleasant for the body, do not cause to irritation, and preserve the shape and color for a long time.
Medical dresses became the popular innovation. They allow not only comfortably working but looking delicately and womanly. For example, if you combine MX 0645 dress with shoes and add some accessories – you can easily go to the date.

Medical blousons

This is the clothes, furnished with zippers – buttons, zip fasteners or knobs. It is put on the top of the linen. The other name of blouson is medical jacket. This product as a gown is designed for protection of medical man’s skin against penetration of undesirable substances and protection of patient against bacteria, which may be in daily clothes of medical man.
The medical blouses may be slim fit or more relaxed fit, have different length of sleeve. The men’s’ medical blousons, made in the form of classical shirt with turn-down collar, long sleeves and cuffs received the large distribution. It differs from the shirt with more relaxed fit that provides with the freedom of movements and special wear-proof breathable fabric.

Surgical uniforms and blousons

Surgical blousons (tops) are the products of relaxed fit that are put on over the head. Such blousons are often put on during operations; therefore, they are deprived of any decoration and zippers, always with short sleeves.
The same fabric is used for their fabrication as for gowns. They shall withstand a great number of washes, keeping the original appearance, be pleasant for the body and blow well.
Surgical suits (“pajamas”) consist of loose trousers on rubber and surgical blouse. You can buy a surgical suit within the set or choose separately a blouse and trousers at your own style.
Medical polo is often used as the alternative for surgical top. They look stylish, well fit due to stature and do not hinder movements. The knitted fabric, mostly often from 100% of cotton, is used for fabrication of polo. You can learn more details and order the polo by the following link.

Medical caps

Medical caps are the headwear, designed to follow to sanitary hygienic norms at medical establishments. There are different shapes of caps – high, drop-shaped, in the shape of bandanna. The medical men choose the design and color of cap at their own discretion. You can fix on classical one tone variant or choose the cap with bright, unusual print.
The caps are mostly often made from 100% cotton. Such caps are very light, hypoallergic, transpiring.

Medical jackets

The medical jackets are used so that the medical men could dress warmly and not infringe the professional dress code. The jackets are made taking into consideration the requirements to medical clothes – with durable wear-proof material of top, good quality thermal insulation and capacious pockets. The jackets compare favorably both with the gown and suit.
If you could not find a thing that you like most of all among more than 200 gowns and suits in our range – our designers and masters of fabrication will make a product due to order according to your pattern!