Warranty for clothes: we debunk the myth

Are there any manufacturers of medical clothing that provide a guaranteed period for the exchange or return of the goods for more than 14 days?

Yes! Lyudy v bilomu TM - this is the very medical clothing for which a guarantee is provided. High quality and culture of production, rich experience in the market, customer-oriented service - all this makes it possible to provide a guarantee for medical clothing. And it is impressive!


The law on consumer protection envisages only two weeks, during which you can return the clothes. But everyone knows that medical clothing, unlike ordinary casual clothing, is used in difficult conditions and must meet many quality requirements. Two weeks are not enough for a doctor to make sure that the clothes will withstand frequent washing, do not disperse at the seams and will not lose an attractive appearance.


And we are fully responsible for the quality of the products of Lyudy v bilomu TM, and therefore we adopted an innovative solution (for the entire medical clothing industry) - to provide a guarantee on clothes. And for some products the guarantee is for six months! This is almost 12 times longer than required by the law on consumer protection!
Unlike any other domestic or foreign manufacturer, we can afford providing a guarantee for one simple reason - we are absolutely confident in the quality of the products of Lyudy v bilomu TM!


The guarantee for medical clothes - a gown, a medical or surgical costume - has ceased to be something unreal! And we do not consider ourselves to be "market innovators" or "revolutionaries of the industry", as our partners and clients say about us. We just do our job, and we do it with the utmost dedication, as diligently and sincerely as we can. Actually, that is why we "invented a guarantee for medical clothes". And this guarantee has become a revolutionary phenomenon in the entire medical clothing market.


Come to the Lyudy v bilomu Shopping Mall – Ukraine’s first shopping mall of medical clothing - to make sure the above-mentioned things are true and to see with your own eyes "how it works". And believe us, we always have something to surprise you with)))