STYLES OF lab coats

What is the ideal style of lab coat? As it is the main element in clothes of medical men. At present moment the styles of medical gowns are most various and take into account the tastes and wishes of the most demanding women and men.


The women and men, who bear the severe burden of responsibility, wish not just to wear the medical clothes, being comfortable and practical, but to look attractively and stylish. So, how to choose a style of lab coat that will at the same time emphasize your individuality and have the needed parts that are so necessary in work?


Styles of lab coats for women

Each woman will find what she wants:

- tight fit;

- semi-fitted;

- A- silhouette.


Tight fit models of medical dresses and lab coats

The tight fit medical dress or gown (popular style – sheath dress) will add the refinement and magical womanhood to the image. Such style is universal – it will emphasize the shapeliness, will well suit to any type of figure and will fit to women with sonsy shapes. For women with the type of figure “sand glass” – this is the ideal variant that will present the figure in the most advantageous light. And the pretty girls with the figure “apple” shall choose such style with V-like cut – as a result you are slim and matchless.


Semi-fitted models of lab coats

The semi-fitted medical gowns suit practically for all women. The model underlines the line of breast, and only a bit the line of waist and thighs. Such style of gown may be surely chosen by slim women and pretty girls, who wish clearly not to distinguish the line of waist and thighs. The skill correctly to choose the clothes will allow feeling consciously.


A- silhouette

At present moment slightly trapezoidal styles and A- silhouette are popular that allow women with “pear-shaped” type of figure and type “triangle” looking slim.


Let’s consider some details: you should pay your attention not only to the silhouette of product and to the length of gown and sleeve, available pockets and convenience of fastener, type of collar or cut and fabric, from which a product is sewed.


Important attributes, which make the image to be completed and emphasize the feeling of style:

- v-like or round cut;

- closed collar, shirt or turn-down collar;

- wristbands;

- belt.


Type of collar

The type of collar may create the chaste image, distinguish the line of neck or add the tenderness to the image. The closed collar ideally fits to work business atmosphere, its spice is in the closed nature of clothes and chaste appearance, ideally suits to women with long neck. Often the closed collar is combined with V-shaped cut that makes the style of gown more interesting. The turn-down rounded collar will add the tenderness and lightness to the image. V-shaped cut without collar accents the attention to the neck, will visually extends it, and the rounded cut will well suit to those ones, who appreciate the clothes with minimum kit of parts – practically and delicately.


Wristbands and belt

The wristbands on sleeves are often decorated with edging, straps with fastener in the form of snap fasteners or buttons. The available belt will allow emphasizing the line of waist. Such diversification of parts will allow each fair sex finding its best style or some styles – there cannot be many lab coats or dresses.


Style of lab coats for men

The gowns are made with straight cutout so that the men would fell comfortable at working place:

  • classical length
  • shortened models.


The models are decorated with different fasteners and pockets, flaps, straps, interesting collars, embroidery, belt with fasteners, colorful stitches, the lateral cutouts for quick access to the pockets on trousers add the functionality to modern models.


The styles of short lab coats for men well suit to energetic and active men; long lab coats – for devotees of classics.


So, choose your best style that will distinguish you among colleagues and wear it with satisfaction!