The daily form of clothes for medical men in most specialties is the white gown. But the operating surgeons prefer the colored suits. And many people wonder – why are the medical clothes of blue or green color?


The operating surgeons work under conditions of intensive illumination. The white suit reflects the light well and can not only create the higher stress to the eyes but can blind the doctor for a moment that may cause to the serious mistake, thus, the medical men choose the clothes of cold soft colors for operations.
One more reason that the doctors put on namely the green or blue surgical suits is the peculiarities for structure of human eye. While making the operation the doctor for a long time concentrates on the objects of one color (often red – this is the blood and inner organs). The long focusing on such bright objects causes to the situation when a human loses the sensitivity to fine details. The doctors put on the uniform of the color that contrasts to the red color in order to release the stress from elements of eye retina and preserve the colored vision.
Besides, the clothes of green and blue colors calmly effects on human, helps better to concentrate. If you shift gaze to the green uniform – the eyes rest for some time, the stress is reduced. That’s why the walls of operating rooms are often painted with soft tints of blue or green color.
The range of TM “Men in White” includes a large choice of women’s and men’s surgical suits of green and blue tints. Everyone may select the stylish and comfortable medical clothes at his/her own taste. Medical polo also enjoys the large popularity at surgeons.

What to wear beneath medical gown

The specificity of profession obliges the medical men not only to wear the white gown but to select other clothes that correspond to certain requirements. There are no strict criteria that form the dress code of medical men but there are the recommendations, which should be followed to.

For example, the operational suit is worn only to nude body. It is quite vice versa with medical gown. It is desirable to have the intermediate layer of daily clothes between the gown and underwear of doctor that, on one hand, will absorb the body emissions, and, on the other hand – to protect against penetration of biological liquids.

Dress code for medical men

Men wear the medical gown in combination with ironed shirt and trousers. The tie will be an ideal addition to such image. The large diversity of men’s collection for medical clothes under TM “Men in White” allows a doctor looking professionally and stylishly. For example, the men’s medical shirts enjoy the large popularity – they can be combined with the gown or worn as an independent item of clothes.
The sport clothes, articles from thin fabric are not allowed. It is desirable to put on the clothes from natural fabric beneath the gown that provides with thermal regulation and air change.
Shoes are changeable. They may be comfortable sabots, crocks or moccasins. In the West some clinics permit to perform the attendance even in sport shoes.

What to wear beneath the medical gown for women

The medical girls may put on the business dress beneath the gown. You can also combine with the blouse, shirt or thin pullover with classical trousers or skirt. It is desirable so that the length of skirt or dress would not exceed the length of gown. The length of gown that covers 2/3 of thigh is considered to be standard in most medical establishments.
It is not desirable to have the clothes with deep décolleté, shorts and mini skirts. The clothes shall be of not bright, dull tones.
Girls, who prefer wearing the medical clothes to underwear, should select the gowns from tight opaque fabric. The underwear shall not show through the gown or come out from it. They usually wear the medical dresses to the underwear without additional clothes. For example, our range includes the white and colored dresses, which conform to the strictest medical dress code and allow looking womanly even at work. 
A medical man shall have the changeable shoes, on not high heel or wedge heel. It is desirable to choose the most comfortable shoes with anti-skid sole.
It is admitted to have not large decorations that allow following to the rules of infection control. The scarves and neck handkerchiefs are not desirable.
You can put on the medical jacket to the gown for work in cold premise. It is the comfortable form of clothes, made taking into consideration the standards of medical clothes. Here you can choose the model and color of jacket.