New collection of medical clothing TM "People in White"


Today, the offers on the medical clothing market are quite large and the most unpredictable. At the same time, not everything that is offered to us meets our needs. The vast majority of clothing collections are designed for a large audience and demand. TM "People in White", with the aim of standing out from the gray crowd, presents its own collection of medical clothing, which will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer and bring joy to its owner by emphasizing his individuality.

Our designers made sure that each newly created model was practical and at the same time refined and elegant. To create the new collection, only high-quality fabrics were used, with a high content of natural threads, which ensure its softness, anti-allergy, and pleasant sensations to the touch. Production of the product in compliance with all technologies ensures durability and a good aesthetic appearance with long-term wear. You will also be pleased with the color scheme of the new collection, from plain to multi-colored. A large assortment of medical gowns , medical suits , medical vests , surgical suits, medical suits. nurses and other junior medical staff makes it possible to look elegant every day. Create your own style with TM "People in White" , because as the legendary Coco Chanel said: "Fashion goes out of fashion. Style - never!".

After visiting our store, which is located at the address of Kyiv, str. Olena Telighy, 3 or by sending any question to our e-mail , you will receive a qualified consultation from our managers.

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